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Digital Content

InQ is now also a creative hub. We not only provide professional audio service to some of the most popular digital shows, but also create our own content.

Connecting with various fanbase is what we do well.

Creativity has no bounds

Welcome to InQ International



Singer songwriter born and raised in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Prolific writer who sings in perfect English. 

MINH hits 1 million streams of

"I Should've Known" on Spotify

Although his full debut was in Oct 2020, MINH just hit 1m streams of his "I Should've Known", a soft release in 2019.

More Services

InQ Services

Songwriting/360 Production/Post Audio and more...

We have a comprehensive list of creative services, at the highest standards and experience.

Music Industry

Record Label/Publishing/Management

Modern and adaptive methods of artist development, as well as business and legal advice.


Promotion/Music Direction

Essential services to ensure artists maximize their opportunities in the biggest sector of the music industry

About Us

InQ was created by the founders in support of what they saw as a burgeoning Vietnamese music market. Our core value is to bring this market into the international music industry. We will not only bring in valuable experience and artistry into Vietnam, but to take homegrown artists to the international stage. 


We are working with amazing talent! Have a look!

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