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Understanding the Audience.

Over the years we have grown our expertise into other avenues of digital content. This also includes non-music based concepts.

Audiences today are multifaceted. We have already "digitized" events such as live gigs but we were also behind the concept of online shows such as "Không Cay Không Về", as we knew (and proved) to be aligned to our music audiences.

We will make many more that will be made this year.

Understanding the Quality.

The world is very visually orientated. However, the emotion comes from the audio. The music, the clarity of voice, the sound fx... these are the parts that give the emotional support to the visual.

This is an area where, we at InQ, excel at. 

Today, Vietnamese and international audiences demand quality in their products.


Specializing in highly creative digital content for our audiences.

Brand Service

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