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Full Production

The demand in Asia is to have a one stop full service music/audio production point.

However, the quality demand has increased. We at InQ, recognize this demand and understand the budget limitation of each of these markets.

What We Do

There are multiple steps within music creation that are key to ensure the highest quality music products that anyone can be proud of.

To ensure that our clients get the best, we have put together the full process of production, to ensure that no "holes" exist within the process and make sure no weak points exist within this system.

We believe in the mixing of local and international knowledge, both technical and creative, will make any market better. 

Asia is becoming more of a force in the global entertainment industry. Our aim is to ensure our clients has an opportunity to be part of the international music industry.

Our Vision

Following the ethos set by our founders, we hope that we can support the young talent coming through, who see their careers beyond borders and language. 

To enter into the global market, we have to always strive to be better. 

Our goal is simply to develop artists and produce music that can attain the highest international standards. We believe these new generations will inspire the next to be even better. This is how an industry grows. 

Recording & Production

Getting the best sound at source is crucial. Today, it is often overlooked as a priority. Our quality microphones, preamps, instruments as well as our studio, allows us to give the best foundations for our clients, to create the magic they want.

Mixing & Mastering

After the foundations are built, the final process of mixing is a crucial part of "identity". Not only of the song, but also of the artist and the genre it may represent. This a subjective creative decision that often requires real experience in the music industry.


The final touch is mastering. This is the most undervalued process. Real mastering requires incredibly accurate speakers (often over $100,000), in a perfectly treated room. This is why we are working with the legendary Abbey Road Studios to give our clients extremely high quality mastering at a very low rate. 


Pro Audio

Clients (Latest)


As an exclusive InQ artist, we write and produce everything in house. Recent collabs with My Anh, Thinh Suy and Talitha (Indonesia)


We recently mastered his latest single "Cried" and now co-writing and producing his debut EP.

Bich Ngoc

Currently working on writing and producing her debut album.

Hoang Quyen

Currently producing her new album, with musicians in UK who work with the likes of Adele and Ellie Goulding.

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