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Vu Dinh Thang

Thang is the charismatic lead singer of one of Vietnam's leading indie bands, Ngot. A highly creative lyricist & speaker.​

Justin Bratton

Co-host of "Asia's Got Talent", Justin is a household name in Singapore. He's also a writer and his films have won numerous festivals around the world.

Alan Wong

Co-host of "Asia's Got Talent", Alan is very popular host on Asian tv. Alan splits his time between Asia and LA working as an actor, host and model.

Tung "Crazy" Monkey

One of the leading graphics designers in Vietnam. Tung has lent his skills internationally as well as in Vietnam.​

The Next Big Thing

This is more than just an agency.

We create ideas and drive creative content in order to provide absolute synergy between brand and the chosen KOL. 


Thanh Bui

Internationally acclaimed songwriter and one of the biggest stars in Vietnamese music, Thanh Bui is now on a new adventure changing education in Vietnam.


Vietnamese/German singer, songwriter and producer, Tuimi came 2nd in the show "King of Rap" and is one of the most versatile singers in Asia today.

Thao Nhi Le

Vietnamese/German model, fashion designer and influencer. Her hard work in all areas of her life has led to her being one of the top models in Vietnam.


Levi is a modern example of a multi-faceted influencer. As a DJ she specializes in house music and incorporates, fashion, events and marketing as part of her KOL identity.

Brand Services



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